Rihanna: her new album confirmed for 2021?


Singer Rihanna gives hope on her social media. Indeed, a new album could be unveiled during the year 2021!

Rihanna’s new album is eagerly awaited. Indeed, it has been four years since the singer released anything. Just that ! However, she has just given hope on her social networks.

As a reminder, Rihanna released her album “Anti” on January 29, 2016, and it was a hit. But since then, nothing! Indeed, the young woman decided to devote herself to her brands of clothing and cosmetics.

However, over the past year, rumors of a new album circulated everywhere. But nothing finally saw the light of day. Rihanna then explained not to feel ready to release anything.

For her, going to the studio should be fun, in other words a source of excitement. And in this special period of the health crisis, she then preferred to postpone the finalization of her work.


Not much is known about Rihanna’s new album, other than the title. Indeed, it should be named “R9”. But that is not enough for his fans who are starting to get impatient. Ouch!

On his Instagram account, they keep commenting on his posts, asking the artist to be accountable to his audience. And they are right ! It has gone on long enough!

In one of her captions, Rihanna explained that for her 2021 resolutions she wants to “put pressure on herself”. One of his fans replied that “R9” was still not available. To which, Rihanna retorted “This comment is so 2016, grow a little” by adding “2021, energy”. The singer’s last enigmatic words therefore appealed to everyone.

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We can only hope that 2021 will be profitable for the singer. To be continued !


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