Rihanna: her boyfriend A $ AP appreciates Rocky!


Between A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna, it’s a beautiful love story that is being built. In the singer’s family, the rapper is successful …!

Obviously, A $ AP Rocky got checked out by Rihanna’s family! Indeed, the singer’s family seems rather happy to have her within the clan. They seemed in any case delighted to spend the holidays by his side.

Rihanna celebrated the holiday season alongside her current crush. Indeed, she and A $ AP Rocky have started a new love affair.

If the two lovebirds seem happy to meet again, it is the same for his relatives. The singer’s family seem rather comfortable with the rapper.

To the point where the latter was able to sit at the table by their side during the Christmas holidays. An honor in itself, due to his dating Fenty’s boss.

On the family side, the boyfriend is validated! The couple were able to take the first flight to Barbados, where they celebrated New Years Eve with their family.

The surprise was big, all in all, and the trip brought them closer than ever. Rihanna was able to have the approval of the rest of the clan, yet very demanding.


“The trip is going so well, it couldn’t get better,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He fits in perfectly with his family and friends.”

Rihanna was therefore able to introduce A $ AP Rocky in due form. For her, this is “a great relief because her family tends to be very protective of her.”

A $ AP Rocky therefore has nothing more to prove to the singer’s family. Although Rihanna herself is not sure where this relationship will lead.

For now, everything is going smoothly and the two lovers seem to be enjoying the moment. The rest and the best are yet to come!


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