A hip movement from RiRi and … the whole world goes crazy! Although Barbados is a bit far away (for the moment and to the sadness of all fans) of the music world, this is still his passion and he does not miss the opportunity to prove it. Rihanna’s last musical intervention has nothing to do with any new song, or a cover, nor has she even remembered any of her memorable hits like Disturbia or Umbrella. In fact, he hasn’t even opened his mouth, if not, he has shown his best skills as a merengue dancer!

Rihanna has surrendered to the success par excellence of Elvis Crespo: Gently. Of course, in its most Christmas version with background fir included. Such has been the revolution with the movement of the braids of Rihanna that it was Elvis Crespo himself who shared the video. Although he has not been the only one who has fallen at his feet, others such as De La Ghetto or Manny Cruz have not hesitated to show their admiration along with that of thousands of other fans who rate this song as “intangible heritage of humanity.” The video, which was initially shared by the artist herself through her stories, was accompanied by the legend “When they leave you alone at home with Alexa”. Now, shared in the account of its author, it touches the 34,000 reproductions in the account of the Puerto Rican artist.


In addition, if this were not enough, the creator of Fenty does not lack a sense of humor and, in the absence of a partner, she does not hesitate to dance with her peculiar book stand, which she had already shown in more than one occasion on his Instagram as a support for his latest autobiographical visual book. One of the elements that has caused more curiosity among the viewers of the clip.

What is clear is that Rihanna does what she wants when she feels like it, in case it was not clear with her confession that she refused to act in the Super Bowl. Of course, we hope that, in the absence of new material even though he promised a reggae album and already fed our hopes with his nine and ten albums of his career, at least we continue to be surprised occasionally with musical pills like this full of “good vibes”, as defined by Crespo.


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