Rihanna: Fenty Skin is a vegan and unisex skincare brand!


To exclude any type of customer, Rihanna has made sure to carry a product line, “Fenty Skin”, vegan, gluten-free, unisex and inclusive. MCE reveals everything down to the smallest detail!

His code of conduct ? Don’t forget anyone. If Rihanna loved to bring the world together on the dance floor, the singer now prefers to serve them.

To them, but also to their face. Indeed, the pretty Barbadian, already very invested in the world of beauty and cosmetics, launches out in the care for the skin.

Thus, the interpreter of “Sex With Me” launches its range of Fenty Skin products this Tuesday, July 31. This consists of a cleansing treatment, a tonic serum and a moisturizer.

On the surface, these items are nothing more than the others – aside from Riri’s personal touch. But if you take a closer look, their achievements and compositions are really promising!

First, its products are sold in reusable packaging. But that’s not all ! For Fenty Skin, Rihanna really thought of everything.

So, Riri didn’t want to exclude vegan people from his clientele. So, she took care to design treatments without animal products. And of course, gluten free.


Indeed, Rihanna refuses to leave a person under the touch subject to his diet, his lifestyle or his identity.

So the artist goes even further. According to the young woman, “Fenty Skin” products are aimed at women as well as men.

In fact, the latter gets carried away on her Instagram account. “Those who tell you that skin care needs to be gender-friendly are liars! “At least that’s said!

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Thus, Rihanna will have given her body and soul to design inclusive and unisex skin care. Everyone can find something for them!


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