Rihanna et Drake ont bel et bien des tatouages en commun


Rihanna and Drake, well and truly ancient history! The two stars have both rebuilt their lives! Nevertheless, they still wear a tattoo that they have in common …

And yes, it’s no longer a secret! Rihanna and Drake were a couple years ago now.

After many rumors, the two singers had delighted the web in 2016 when they officially announced the news! However, they separated some time later.

Since then, they have rebuilt their lives and seem to have flourished! Whether personally or for their career, everything seems to be going well for the former couple.

Yet at the time, Rihanna and Drake seemed united for life! But is it really in the past?

Shock! Rihanna and Drake still have the same tattoo they got when they were a couple!


Indeed, in 2016, Rihanna and Drake want to celebrate their love! It is through a joint tattoo that they pass a milestone!

To mark their feelings in time, the two superstars have indeed decided to get a tattoo together, and to immortalize their love on them, it is a shark they have chosen. Rihanna got a tattoo on her left foot and Drake got a tattoo on her right forearm.

Rumors are circulating on the web: this shark tattoo is not the only one! But so far, nothing has been proven …

The stars then formed the most popular couple among Internet users! They were even voted “hottest couple” of the start of the 2016 school year.

After this famous tattoo, they formalized their relationship on the VMA scene. This while they had been flirting together in secret for several years.

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Rihanna and Drake even shared several concert stages at the time! We loved it!


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