Rihanna: Eminem apologizes for leaking an old song!


Rapper Eminem apologizes to Rihanna after the leak of a song in which he was defending Chris Brown! We tell you more.

Eminem apologizes to Rihanna after an old song leaked.

The rapper eventually apologized to the pretty singer after an old song leaked. The story goes back several years.

Between 2007 and 2009, Rihanna was in a relationship with singer Chris Brown. The two lovers were a very glamorous couple until the day everything changed!

In 2009, Chris Brown violently attacked Rihanna after a night out. The story scandalized the world especially when photos of the young woman, her disfigured face, were revealed.

Last November, a song by rapper Eminem leaked. This is at least ten years old. “Of course I’m siding with Chris, I’ll hit a bitch too,” Marshall sang.


It was therefore Rihanna that the young artist referred to in his lyrics. You should know that the song was never officially released.

Indeed, she fled illegally without the artist’s consent. In fact, the manager of the latter wanted to explain.

“This is something he wrote 10 years ago. He didn’t even keep it, he rewrote the lyrics and changed them. »He specifies. Before saying that the singer has always had a very good relationship with Rihanna.

In fact, the two artists have collaborated on several pieces. We think of Monster and Love The Way You Lie.

In his latest track Zeus, the 48-year-old rapper then apologizes to Rihanna. We hear him apologize to the singer.

He told her that he had no intention of hurting her with this leaked song. Finally, he adds that he was wrong to write his words. The pretty Barbadian, on the other hand, did not react to this whole story. Case to be continued.

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