Rihanna and Drake again in a relationship? This index that sows doubt!


Netizens are convinced that Rihanna is back with Drake. Especially because they seem close, but also because of these small details! We explain to you!

Indeed, this is not the first time that Rihanna has relationships with her exs. For many times, the media revealed that it fell back into the arms of Chris Brown, but it turned out to be wrong! But this time the fans are sure to be on a good track thanks to these things that ordinary people do not see!

But the one who seems crazy love of Hassan Jameel and who spoke about his desire to have children would have changed his mind? We do not know more, but this rumor was born from 2 photos posted on Instagram. On these shots we can see both singers wearing the same clothes. Coincidence or is it over? For information, Rihanna is in a relationship right now, so it would be strange.

This is certainly the most secretive couple in history, Rihanna and Drake have never said anything between them. It’s the fans who all along have tried to find concordance, tattoos, photos. Moreover it is always the case, the net users want at all costs to see them together, as if it itching!

So after Rihanna went to Drake’s birthday last month, the guesses do not stop. Even their pictures are scrutinized and commented on instagram. “So they both bought the same sweatshirt of the same color. They decided to wear it at the same time? Coincidence? “. But in the meantime, Rihanna seems fulfilled with her darling. As for Drake, it seems like it’s only been a friend for years.


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