Rihanna: Drake had a very difficult “I was a pawn” breakup!


Rihanna would she be a heartbreaker ?! This is more or less what his ex rapper Drake said during an interview.

Rihanna and Drake have actually dated in the past. After their breakup, the “One Dance” singer seems to have struggled to recover.

Rihanna is one of the most talented artists of her generation. Powered by Jay-z, she quickly conquered the whole world with her many hits.

But for 4 years, his audience has been desperately awaiting the release of his next album. On the Web, Internet users keep harassing her about this.

After doing a few teasers, Rihanna seems – now – to have opted for total radio silence. Nothing filters. But last year for “Vogue”, the interpreter of “Work” has – yet – agreed to give some information about his upcoming opus.

“” I can’t say when I’m going to take it out. But I’m working really hard on it, ”the star delivered for the famous magazine. The incendiary brunette has also let it be known that she might surprise her fans with songs that have reggae tones.

“I have no borders. I did everything, I did all the hits, I tried all genres. Now I’m just open. I can do whatever I want, ”also assured the singer.

In the meantime, her most ardent admirers hope that she will unveil this long-awaited album in 2021. Very often, the “Only Girl” singer makes the front pages of the tabloids because of her private life.

To this day, she seems to have the perfect love affair with rapper ASAP Rocky. Inseparable, the lovebirds have spent the end of the year romantic holidays in Barbados. The proof in pictures!


It’s no secret that Rihanna loves living day to day! If she is credited with long relationships, she also likes to hang out.

A few years ago, the Barbadian cooed – for a while – with Drake. While the two stars have often played with the nerves of their fans and those of the paparazzi, they never really formalized their story.

But the “God’s Plan” singer has always said he has the pretty brunette under his skin. And obviously, he struggled to turn the page when Rihanna caused their separation.

In 2010, the rapper spoke about it for The New York Times. You will see, there is no dead hand!

“I was a pawn,” the rapper said. “Do you know what she was doing to me? She was doing to me what I have done to a lot of women throughout my life. Show them their affection and disappear. I was like “Wow, this is awful.”


Disgruntled, Drake – afterwards – plunged into work. And obviously, this terrible situation even inspired the title “Fireworks!”

In 2011 for “Hot 97”, the artist once again relied on his muse for the creation of this hit. “I wrote this song to pay homage to the fact that she is an amazing woman who made me nervous,” the star said of Rihanna.

But also: “I felt very small next to her. She’s irresistible, gorgeous, talented and her personality… it’s almost scary. ” After some ups and downs, the ex-lovers seem to be on good terms again. All’s well That ends well !


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