Rihanna: Drake and Chris Brown new friends, she reacts!


Drake and Chris Brown would have rewired … But what do their ex-girlfriend Rihanna think? The singer reacted about this friendship.

A few months ago, Drake and Chris Brown collaborated on the song “No Guidance”. This duo had not then pleased the canvas. But what did their ex, singer Rihanna think?

This is a collaboration that did not please everyone! Indeed, Drake fans did not hesitate to clash. It was his recent single recorded with Chris Brown that sparked the lightning of the canvas. Internet users have accused the rapper of being insensitive to his ex, Rihanna. He then told Rap Radar magazine that he “buried the hatchet” with Chris Brown.

Not surprisingly, fans of the singer did not like it. They criticized the association of the Canadian rapper with Brown, when he had been violent with Rihanna several years ago. But what does she really think? Is she upset that her exes get along so well?

Against all expectations, the interpreter of “Umbrella” would be relieved that Drake and Chris Brown get on well. “Rihanna has of course heard of Drake, what he talked about and the fact that he is friends with Chris again. Rihanna is happy that they have drawn a line under the past. She wants people to be nice to each other. Being angry with other people is not something you get over, “an anonymous source told Hollywood Life.

“She is happy that they have managed to be on the same wavelength. Rihanna is concerned about herself and her career. She pays no more attention than necessary to the situation between Chris and Drake. But once again, she is happy that things are cool between them, “also revealed the source to the American site.


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