Rihanna did it all on Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie show


No more zapping for streaming services in search of what to watch in this Indian. If you like fashion, music – or, like me, are an unconditional fan of everything that Rihanna puts her hand to – my tip is to watch the second edition of the Savage x Fenty Show. The novelty is fresh: it debuted this Friday (2) in the catalog of the Amazon Prime Video platform and is already giving something to talk about.

More than a lingerie show, the fashion show is proof that you can make fashion for everyone – and everyone! It is a true ode to diversity: it has well-known tops and a super catwalk pattern, like Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne, who look fabulous. It has a fat and curvy model giving a show of sensuality and agitation. It has black, white, oriental. There are men – fat, thin, spotted and skinny. There are people of all kinds wearing, yes, underwear. And not just anyone, see? Sexy, sensual underwear, with lace, with applications, very shiny. Who says you can not?

In the first minutes, a model with curves (beautiful!) Appears to remind us that lingerie reminds us of sensuality, but it can also have to do with self-esteem. For those who get irritated every year with the proposal of the deceased Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show, which featured exactly the same type of model – size 34/36, tall, skinny and, in the majority, white -, the Savage x Fenty Show will do you scream in front of the TV. In my case, in front of the computer, in the middle of Friday morning: I watched the jet to tell here about the news, but I can say that it is one of those moments that make us believe that it is possible to be different. That, contrary to what the former marketing director of VS preached (Ed Razek stated that the brand “would never have a plus or trans model on the run”), tops of all sizes can look good on a catwalk. And more: they sell.

Yes, I bring truths: diversity sells. It is not by chance that great brands that refuse to understand this are losing space – Victoria’s Secret itself that says so. He stopped performing his annual lingerie show, one of the most talked about events on American TV for years, and has seen his actions plummet in recent times. Are the brands that close their eyes to representativeness their days numbered? I find it very difficult, honestly. But it is a fact that brands that are in tune with the now – or that do not refuse to change, such as Calvin Klein, for example – are much more likely to continue to be desired.

Watch the trailer:


Rihanna knows well the power she has. And use that hype in the best possible way. Probably for that reason the companies led by the singer already add more than US $ 1 billion in profits – something around R $ 5.7 billion. According to the OLBG website, three of Riri’s brands are among the 10 largest companies led by artists today – including ventures by names like Kanye West and Kylie Jenner. A slap with a kid’s glove (or lace?) On those who say that making clothes in a bigger size doesn’t give you money. Look, love.

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Sensuality on the catwalk

No traditional parade. Rihanna, as always, does it differently. To present the releases of his Savage x Fenty, the Barbados star called out names like American singer Lizzo, one of the most celebrated artists of the moment – and who debuted the latest cover of Vogue US magazine. The owner of the hit Juice has a moment of her own, when she sensitizes (a lot!) In front of the mirror.

Want more? There is still the feeling Rosalía, responsible for one of the musical performances of the night. In the starred team, there are still names like Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Willow Smith and Normani.

For almost an hour, what you see is a super production with a lot of music, choreography, spectacular scenery and, of course, wish-pieces. It is impossible not to fall in love with one of Rihanna’s lingerie, which mixes sensuality with that fashion touch – and a cool flavor. No dull lingerie, see?


In fact, for those who enjoy fashion, it is nice to stay on top of the singer’s creative process. Between one performance and another, there are backstage moments, in the documentary style, that show how the creation of the collections, the choice of fabrics, the modeling takes place. Riri says that when designing a piece with his team, he thinks of the people he loves and admires. And, as expected, this elected team is full of different people:

– When I imagine something, I imagine everyone I love being part of it. I want to do things that I can see in the people I know. And they come in all shapes, sizes, races and religions – explains the singer.

In the second edition of her Savage x Fenty Show, Rihanna, once again, shows that talking about diversity is a path of no return, which sells and is successful. It transformed a beaten concept into a cool overproduction, which arouses a desire to buy, which makes you want to be there, among those beautiful and real people, dancing until your feet hurt. I, who always had a certain rancidity with this fashion show model from VS – and, I confess, thought it was a bit tacky -, I was completely in love and counting the minutes to (re) watch calmly.

– We have a unique opportunity to use this concept to do something new – summarizes Riri.

And he did, like few others. Good!


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