Rihanna as a couple with A$AP Rocky? They shared hotel room


Rihanna recently broke up with Hassan Jameel. The starlet would be in a relationship with A$AP Rocky and they would have taken a room in a hotel!

Recently, fans have learned that Rihanna is no longer in a relationship with Hassan Jameel. The singer would have turned the page for a long time and she would go out with A $ AP Rocky!

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel went out together for three years and they seemed very well together. In addition, the singer took this relationship seriously since they lived together in London. However, it has been since December that fans have suspected that she broke up with the billionaire . Indeed, the star is very close to A $ AP Rocky and they see each other a lot.


Recently, the American media confirmed the end of the Rihanna – Hassan Jameel couple . Thus, the starlet turned the page with her story and she does not seem to have remained single for long. On January 17, the star went to the A $ AP Rocky concert in New York and they spent time together. Everything suggests that the two stars are in a relationship since they have not left the evening.

After the concert, Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky stayed together. Besides, everything suggests that the two stars spent the night together. According to the Sun, they would have taken a room in a luxury hotel in New York . “They shared a hotel suite on this trip to New York. ” A source told. Thus, during this evening, the two celebrities became intimate and everything suggests that they are well together.

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Nevertheless, Rihanna seems to take this new relationship seriously. Indeed, she loves spending time with A $ AP Rocky and she feels close to him. According to the same media, the starlet is already under her spell and that may herald a beautiful romance. “They really appreciate each other’s company and take things easy because this is just the start. ” Finally, fans will welcome this relationship since they have already had a brief history it several years ago.


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