Rihanna as a couple with A $ AP Rocky? New information revealed!


Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have they broken up? For several months the starlet seems very close to A $ AP Rocky and the fans have doubts.

Rihanna has been in a relationship with Hassan Jameel for more than two years. The starlet is very discreet about her romantic relationships. So fans think she broke up and she’s with A $ AP Rocky!

Rihanna has been in a relationship for several years with Hassan Jameel and they have always seemed very in love. Nevertheless, the starlet is discreet about her romantic relationships and she never confides in her couple. So, for several months, fans have had big doubts. Indeed, many people think that the singer is no longer with Hassan Jameel. Instead, they think she’s dating A $ AP Rocky.

Rihanna has always been close to A $ AP Rocky. Indeed, the star participated in the rapper’s music video in 2013 for Fashion Killa. Then, they dated for several months around this period. However, since December, fans have believed that the two stars are together. The singer went to one of her concerts in Sweden when no one expected it. Not to mention that they posed together at the London British Awards.

Rihanna’s fans are watching all of her movements and they are convinced that she is no longer in a relationship with Hassan Jemeel. According to a surfer, Samantha Samy, the singer is good with A $ AP Rocky and she has managed to advance some evidence on Twitter. “She is back in New York to support Rocky for her concert. Meanwhile, Hassan is in Davos, Switzerland with his girlfriend for a conference, ”she said.

Thus, if the Internet user is to believe, it would have been a while since Rihanna and Hassan Jameel broke up. Indeed, the billionaire would have had time to start a new life with a woman who works at UNICEF. “Hassan is dating a woman he works with for UNICEF and that has been a while. ” did she say. Of course, all his comments are to be taken lightly. Indeed, the American singer has not confirmed anything at all and she could still be in a relationship with Hassan. Nevertheless, the doubt remains…