Rihanna confesses that she is living in Mexico


Rihanna confesses that she is living in Mexico. The singer spoke about her love for Mexico and why she couldn’t help but live here.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to meet your favorite artist walking down the street? If you love Rihanna with madness and passion, this dream might not be so far from happening if you live in Mexico . Why? We tell you everything we know so that you are very attentive to your around from now on.

The singer has become the center of attention again after her triumphant return to music with ‘ Believe It ‘, her collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR . In a recent interview, Riri revealed details of her new album that has caused a lot of expectation among her fans, as well as her plans to become a mother and the countries in which she has lived in recent times.

The singer revealed that one of the countries that she likes the most is Mexico , she is not sure where her love for so fervent for him was born but she believes that it may be something that has already been in her veins from another life. Rihanna was so in love with the Mexican Republic that she even made the decision to reside in this country .

The real reason why Riri feels so comfortable in a place like Mexico has a background that perhaps many will take by surprise. The singer feels that there is a perfect match between her and the inhabitants of this country due to the situation of discrimination and mistreatment that many receive as immigrants, something that she lived very closely due to the origin of her mother, who fills her with impotence and can understand perfectly.


The interpreter of hits like ‘ Work ‘ did not reveal for how long she began living in Mexico or in which state of the republic her residence takes place , however, this broadens the possibilities that some of her Mexican fans may coincide with her on least expected day.

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