Rihanna in a bikini: she applies gloss in a sensual video!


Rihanna has just illuminated the canvas! Indeed, the singer has just posted a video of her in a bikini on her Instagram account. Images that have pleased users …

Rihanna knows how to please her community … And she proves it! The star has just post a very sensual video! On the pictures, Riri and in swimsuit and generously applies gloss! And then icing on the cake, the video is slow! What better ?

The publication made a real buzz on Instagram! Indeed, the post in question accumulates more than 6 million views … And almost as many likes! We’ll let you see the video below! To fall, is not it?

So the temperature is up a notch on Instragam. The reason for this ambient heat? The latest video that Rihanna posted on Instagram. Indeed, on its last publication, we can see the young woman wearing a bikini apply a gloss of its own brand, Fenty Beauty. A product placement for her own account that the young woman puts on the stage perfectly … Riri also legend this video: “Gloss Bomb. Still available ! ”

In 2017, Rihanna has created its own brand of cosmetics … Since then, it’s a real cardboard! Indeed, at Sephora, everyone pulls the products of the beautiful singer. A real success for Riri, who has therefore made Fenty Beauty her real little baby (even abandoning her singing career by the way). Thus, to promote one of its flagship gloss, the business woman decided to give of his person! Rihanna then has to post a video on her Instagram account! A video that people have loved … And we too!


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