Rihanna: an Amazon documentary will soon be devoted to it!


After several other American stars, Amazon innovates. Rihanna will have her own documentary on the video platform.

Arrived before numbers of its competitors, Amazon must innovate to keep its place in this new market. To do this, he relies on different programs. Among other projects, the platform therefore decided to produce a documentary on Rihanna.

Netflix was the pioneer in the video on demand market. But Amazon quickly felt the right vein. Arriving on the market soon after, Amazon Prime Video has taken over. And therefore kept an advance which still follows it. Since then, new competition has wanted to prevail. The platform must keep its lead by staying at the forefront of what is being done. The Rihanna program is part of this strategy.

Because in addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are many who want to get a good share of this thriving market. Apple and Disney have notably arrived. HBO has also announced its upcoming arrival in this juicy market. An arrival planned for next year instead. The parade to this new competition is called Rihanna. And Amazon relies heavily on it.

Amazon therefore offers a format on Rihanna. But it is not new. No one has forgotten Homecoming. The brilliant documentary on Beyoncé had been broadcast on Netflix. So we imagine that Amazon will want to do something similar. We will have to learn from the good points of this past project. But don’t forget to put your foot on this ambitious project. A shade not so easy to obtain. A risky bet for the firm.

This project is directed by Peter Berg. It will therefore enter the life of the song star. Over 1,200 hours of rush have been compiled. He has been following the singer everywhere and every day since 2016. He will also highlight the private life of the song star. A project that wants to be free and without filters.

So hyped by this new Amazon project? Difficult not to be so much the singer unleashes the passions. In any case, its audience seems more than ever behind this project.


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