Rihanna: After 33 years she is back in her career!

Rihanna gives the impression of having always been there … But the singer is only 33 years old. And already a very great career behind it.

Happy birthday, RiRi! Rihanna celebrated her 33rd birthday on February 20. The opportunity to remember that the singer is only 33 years old … And yet she has been part of the landscape for a long time. Back, therefore, on her immense young career!

It all started on the singer’s lifelong (and forever) island, Barbados! While she received the title of Ambassador of the Island a few years ago, the young woman remains very attached to this place.

The locals would even like to have her as head of the Island’s first independent government! But before that, Rihanna had a not-so-easy childhood there. Blame it on her father’s addictions, numerous and dangerous …

The singer thus grows up in the middle of the tensions between her parents. Addicted to cocaine, cannabis and alcohol, her father often argues with her mother … until divorce, when their daughter is only 14 years old.

To get away from it all, Rihanna has been learning music since she was 6 years old. But everything changed in 2003, when she met Evan Rodgers. The producer gives her tests, and remains dumbfounded by the young girl’s performances: he takes her to New York.

There, everything accelerates for Rihanna. She began by sending models, before signing for the Evan Rogers label. Her first album, Music of the Sun, mixes the music of her childhood, reggae, with RnB and a little pop.

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Pon de replay came second in the top 100, but the other two singles on the album didn’t follow … Anyway, her second album came in stride. Inside, SOS gets a hit.

Rihanna: back on her exceptional career from the top of her 33 years!


She then went on a European tour with the Black Eyed Peas. The start of a great career: she began to leave reggae behind. It takes it well, because it leaves Good Girls gone bad and gains its titles of nobility.

With Umbrella headlining, the album has sold over 8.5 million copies in the United States. Rihanna then became a real star, especially since her relationship with Chris Brown made the headlines.

Unfortunately, the romance comes to an end and the rapper ends up assaulting her. A terrible moment that she recounts in Rated R. Her notoriety at the highest level, she has a series of albums, successes and awards. 14 of her hits thus finish top 1 on the Billboard!

Among its 350 awards, it should also be noted that Umbrella has trusted the head of Charts for longer than any other sound … But it should also be noted that Rihanna remains the most prominent artist on Youtube, with 23 videos on over 100 million views.

With 4 Grammy Awards and 4 American Music Award Female Artist of the Year, the singer from Barbados has conquered America. And the United Kingdom, too… Not to mention France, where she remains the youngest to have filled the Stade de France!



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