Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner 2099” Sequel Series Gets Green Light on Amazon


The Blade Runner universe, shown in the films Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 (as well as in a series of short films for the sequel), will develop even further, exploring the complex world of humans and replicants like never before. Amazon is moving forward with the production of a sequel to both “Blade Runner 2099” films, which takes place shortly before the end of the 21st century of this universe.

The series “Blade Runner” was previously announced on Amazon, but now it has officially been given the green light, and Ridley Scott will be its executive producer, and Silka Louise will be the showrunner. Alcon Entertainment, Scott Free Productions and Amazon Studios are going to release a series of “Blade Runner” sequels.

The news, reported by Variety, will be welcome information for longtime fans of the cyberpunk franchise, which has almost defined the term for the science fiction genre. Amazon, trying its hand at the game of creating original streaming content, has now set its sights on adapting properties familiar to the audience, such as the recent “Rings of Power” based on Tolkien’s legendarium. Scott has returned to his sci-fi roots in a big way, with his prequels to the Alien franchise and his recent sci-fi show on HBO, unfortunately cancelled Raised By Wolves. Going back to “Blade Runner” makes sense for both sides. Adding Silka Louise (Shining Girls) as a showrunner means that something interesting is brewing.

In 1982, Scott’s baroque sci-fi neo-noir Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard was released. It was a moderate adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electrodogs?”. The action of the film took place in 2019 (already three years ago) and concerned Detective Deckard, who was a Blade Runner, in the universe slang for someone who was tasked with tracking down replicas, that is, strong androids created for harmful working conditions that were manufactured at the cellular level. According to the Tyrell corporation that created them, replicants were “more human than humans.” Deckard, who is hunting five replicant villains on Earth, does not know until the end of the film that he is one of them.

It will be decades before Blade Runner 2049 is released in 2017, the sequel to the first film set thirty years later, starring Ryan Gosling and the returning Ford. In the film, Gosling is portrayed as a replicant cop hunting for Deckard, who he discovers is the first replicant to have a real baby. In the rest of the film, Gosling tries to reunite the couple. With all this in mind, it’s fair to assume that Blade Runner 2099 will join its predecessors in exploring the human condition through the prism of the future.

“Blade Runner 2099” will be released on Amazon Prime Video.


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