Riders Republic Is Root Fun Without Taking Yourself Seriously And Harmless


Riders Republic: Extreme sports games have a comfortable space in our nostalgia because they refer to the good times of Master System, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, wandering through the 8-bit to 64-bit eras, when we had countless games in this footprint, always with an arcade proposal behind them. Plugging in and playing without long on-screen explanations is definitely a thing of the past.

Riders Republic was born with exactly this premise: to be an attraction show in an open world with total freedom, no frills and no frills, offering a colossal amusement park to the player. For that, it presents a huge map, which allows you to travel anywhere whenever you want, using the available transport – and the coolest part lies in the mix of this fruit salad.

In a combination of The Crew and Steep, Riders Republic tries to correct some mistakes that Ubisoft made with the genre in the past and seeks a balance of the formula in a relaxed online environment. Like any new product, mistakes and successes are included in the balance at the end of the day. Let’s see.

Check out our video analysis:

A world of careers

Riders Republic is basically a separate extreme sports MMO in disciplines such as snowboarding, biking, skiing, jetpack and gliding, to name but a few. Each style has its own career so the player can focus on different categories.

The progression is therefore individual, which helps to separate the focuses you need to give each variant at the pace you prefer. Ubisoft kept everything well organized so that the set of activities wasn’t confusing. You must be online to play, of course, but you don’t have to interact with anyone if you don’t want to and progress in the same way – this one who writes to you, a lone wolf, operated that way. I didn’t feel at all harmed.

The title of the game literally reveals its meaning: you are an athlete from the republic of athletes, a hub presented in reality show format, with two cameras filming interviewees who give testimonies about the perrengues and the working hours of the team located in this space, always with a huge dose of good humor, reflecting the relaxed and Californian spirit that the game proposes to have.