Ricky Martin: Meet the singer’s wide list of brides


Learn about the extensive list of relationships that Ricky Martin had before marrying Jwan Yosef.

One of the celebrities who has given the most to talk about in his personal life is the singer Ricky Martin, who from the beginning of his career starred in romances that placed him in the eye of the hurricane.

Although he currently has a romantic relationship with the renowned painter Jwan Yosef, it is well known that Ricky Martin had several courtships with acting and music stars.

The first confirmed courtship of the interpreter of ‘Livin ‘la vida loca’ was with the athlete Gabriela Sabatini, with whom he began a relationship in the already distant year of 1992; However, it did not prosper and within a few months it came to an end.

Ricky Martin was for a long time a casanova

A couple of years later, it was learned that Ricky Martin began a courtship with the television host Rebecca de Alba, with whom he walked for more than 11 years, and it even transpired that the singer was close to becoming a father but a misfortune prevented him.

Similarly, it was announced that in the first months of 2010 the singer had a courtship with Alejandra Guzmán; Within his extensive list of romances, the names of Inés Misan, Adriana Briega, Patricia Kaas, Sasha Sokol and Alicia Machado stand out; however, none of them prospered.

Years later, Ricky Martin confirmed his homosexuality and reported his courtship with Carlos González, with whom he was married for three years, but later divorced and after living a few years single, the singer confirmed his relationship with Jwan Yosef, who he constantly knew about. shows in love on social media.

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