Ricky Martin begs them to vote: Let’s understand the power


Many years ago, Ricky Martin chose the path of honesty in its purest form, and above all, of raising the flag of defending the rights in what he believes, and in what he wants for the Latino, LGBTQ and human community.

Through his RM foundation, he has dedicated himself to fighting not only for his island of Puerto Rico, but for those who need it: he did it in Hurricane María, now in the pandemic, and especially against injustice.

In these upcoming elections for president of the United States, he joined in supporting Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and is a fervent critic of the measures and speech of the Republican party candidate and current president, Donald Trump.

This brought him support on the one hand and criticism on the other. Exclusively, Ricky responds to those who do not understand his choice not to remain silent, and makes a request, almost a plea, to the LGBTQ community, and especially to Latinos.

“Every time you speak honestly, people say: ‘I believe him, I like him’ … Many people have also told me: ‘Ricky, shut your mouth and keep singing, stay out of politics.’ That is his opinion ”, he begins by saying.

“If I have the power of convocation that music gives me, if I can reach 50, 60, 70 million people through my social networks, how can I keep quiet?… There is a lot of injustice that is happening every day Today in the United States with the Hispanic community (which) is going through the worst moments. The LGBTQ community is very afraid of what could happen with a Supreme Court totally to the right, it’s like no, I can’t believe we’re not even talking about this … You can’t keep quiet!

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I urge my colleagues, who have the power of music, to talk about what they need as people, for well-being, for improvement, for social evolution. We cannot remain silent, because to remain silent is to be accomplices of evil, to remain silent is to let these forces, who are taking away our rights, win and the only way we can make a difference is by going to vote.


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