Rick Pitino reacts to rumors about Donovan Mitchell’s trade

Utah jazz star Donovan Mitchell was one of the last NBA stars Rick Pitino coached in Louisville. So surely he has some thoughts about his former star among the many trade rumors about him.
Pitino definitely has something to say about Mitchell. Among the many questions flashing through his Twitter timeline, Pitino made it clear that he respects the attacking defender of the All-Star Match.
“Anyone who asks me to weigh in on the rumors about Donovan Mitchell’s trade— all I can say is that he’s all about winning and improving. Amazing work ethic and a 10-star person on a 5-star scale,” Pitino said.
This is high praise from a veteran coach with 50 years of experience. But most fans probably don’t need Pitino’s seal of approval to know they want to add Donovan Mitchell to their team.
In five NBA seasons, Donovan Mitchell has established himself as one of the elite offensive defenders. He has averaged almost 24 points per game throughout his career and has never averaged less than 20 points per game in a season.
But in the last few seasons, Mitchell has really come to his senses. Since the 2020/21 season, he has averaged more than 26 points per game and intercepted balls well.
Almost any NBA team would gladly trade for it if the price was right.
Will any team be able to trade Mitchell or will he stay in Utah for another year?