Rick & Morty’s invasion of Cromulon was Morty’s secret mistake

The invasion of the Cromulons from Rick and Morty’s “Get Schwifty” revealed that a race of seemingly unkillable aliens forced the planet to participate in a cosmic singing contest under threat of annihilation. However, despite the fact that the huge cromulons were able to resist nuclear weapons in this episode, it turns out that there is someone who could destroy them… if Morty hadn’t killed him shortly before they arrived.
The Cromulons are an alien race that runs Planet Music, a reality show about genocide in which refusing to vote causes your planet to evaporate. In the TV show, the unexpected death of America’s greatest performers forces Rick, Morty and Ice-T to come up with a song that will save the planet. However, if Rick could call long-time contact Krombopoulos Michael, the Earth could be saved by an overzealous killer. Unfortunately, Morty has already killed Michael in an attempt to save a creature from another dimension of the Fart, which he killed anyway.
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“The Life and Death of Michael Krombopoulos” from Rick and Morty #34, written and drawn by Kyle Starks, explores the life of a killer before he was crushed by Rick and Morty’s spaceship on his fateful last mission. The story offers explanations for Michael Krombopoulos’ name, his business relationship with Rick, and the identity of the woman depicted in the medallion he looks at after prayer. However, he also shows it on missions, one of which is to destroy cromulon, who roars, “Show me what you’ve got!” to the last planet member Planet Music. This shows that Michael Krombopoulos is ready, willing and able to destroy an otherwise invulnerable race and could potentially have saved Earth if he hadn’t died a few episodes before their arrival.
Krombopoulos Michael can blow up Kromulon using a non-standard weapon that he is supposed to have received from Rick. It’s unclear why Rick didn’t start producing these weapons again as soon as the planet was under threat, although there are many possibilities, from a lack of time or resources needed to create them, to enough faith in his songwriting abilities to want to stay in the competition, to simply considering confrontation too big a problem and planning to quit The earth to the mercy of fate, as he did before. However, if Rick could just contact Krombopoulos Michael with his pre-existing weapon, it’s likely that he would eliminate this with minimal effort, showing how the Krombopoulos threat (and the cult it spawned on Earth) could be easily eliminated. if Morty hadn’t accidentally instigated a series of murders in the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of “Rick and Morty”.
The main joke that Morty kills so many people to save Fart is the unpredictable nature of the universe, as he does incredible evil in pursuit of the highest good only to discover that Fart poses a threat to all carbon life, and must execute him. just like Michael was originally hired to do this. The fact that the murder of an immoral killer Michael’s Krombopoulos also made the Earth vulnerable to a subsequent attack by the Cromulons, only intensifies this grim joke and shows that in the universe Rick and Morty competence is always more important than good intentions.