Rick and Morty’s Author transferred to Ant-Man 3


The third movie for Ant-Man, which has two films of his own in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also appears on the road. There are also some exciting new developments regarding the behind-the-scenes of the new movie.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been many rumors about Ant-Man’s third film, which managed to please his fans with both of his films. A new claim put forward is that it will excite both Marvel and Ant-Man fans.

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, the author and co-producer of Rick and Morty, Jeff Loveness will write the script of Ant-Man 3. It was even claimed that Loveness started to write the script of Ant-Man’s sequel.

Ant-Man 3
According to the news in IGN, Loveness is not far from the Marvel universe, although it is mostly known for comedy works. Loveness also worked for characters like Spider-Man, Groot, and Captain America, who were previously adapted from the comics.

There were several rumors about whether the third movie of Ant-Man, one of the characters who joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe relatively late, would come. The news about the new movie, when the famous actor Michael Douglas started filming in 2021, Dr. It started with saying that he would revive the role of Hank Pym.

In addition, actor Paul Rudd, who gave life to Ant-Man, answered the questions about the new sequel in the form that the third film could not come if fans did not help at first. It looks like the fans’ prints have worked.

Postponed Marvel movies
In a news that we have previously told you, we have mentioned that the vision dates of 7 Marvel films have been postponed to a later date. Disney pushed the films’ vision date 3 to 4 months ahead of the coronavirus.

The release date of Black Widow, which will enter the vision at the earliest after the postponed dates, was set as November 6, 2020. If the pace of the outbreak does not decrease, a change in vision dates can be made.


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