Rick & Morty: The origin of Michael’s Krombopoulos explains his strange name


Before he was accidentally killed by Morty, Rick and Morty’s fans met an intergalactic killer named Michael Krombopoulos, and apart from the fact that he likes to kill, nothing was known about the mysterious character. However, one side comic gives fans a deeper insight into the origins of Michael Krombopoulos, including a full explanation of his strange name.

In the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of “Rick and Morty”, “Mortynight Run”, Rick and Morty spend a day in a space arcade called Blips and Chitz, but in the midst of their carefree adventure, Rick makes a deal to sell weapons with a dangerous killer named Michael Krombopoulos. . Rick sells Michael an antimatter gun powerful enough to kill a mysterious target held by the Galactic Federation. Upset that Rick provided the killer with the means to kill, Morty hijacks Rick’s space cruiser and flies to Federation headquarters to stop Michael. At the same time, he accidentally kills Michael Krombopoulos, thereby permanently excluding him from the Rick and Morty universe — at least that’s what the fans thought.

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In Kyle Starks’ Rick and Morty #34, the problem begins with Michael Krombopoulos signing a contract with a strike force to destroy an enemy base and eliminate a specific target. Before Michael goes on this first mission with his team of assassins, the squad leader asks everyone to introduce themselves. The first person to call their names is an alien named Michael, whom the leader of the group had previously met. After a few more performances, Michael Rick and Morty’s fans, who are familiar with him, pronounce his name, which noticeably upsets the squad leader. The leader says that there can’t be two Michaels in the squad, and since he already knew the first Michael, the second one will have to change his name. Then the leader asks which planet the second Michael is from, and he tells him that he is from Krombopoulos, so the commander turns to both Michaels and says, “Okay, here. You’re Michael, and you’re Krombopoulos Michael. The job is done. Sorting.

The origin of the name of Mikhail Krombopoulos is surprising in that it has an origin at all. Rick and Morty are known for introducing characters with outrageous names, seemingly for no reason, including Noob-Noob, Squunchy and, of course, the widely popular Mr. Pupibathol. While there may be explanations for the absurd names of these characters, they were not available to fans and are certainly not as simple as the name of Michael Krombopoulos, who was named after his planet to clear up confusion with another character named Michael.

The initial assumption when fans first heard the name Krombopoulos Michael was that it had no deeper meaning than any other name in the Rick and Morty universe. However, this character hilariously breaks the habit of the series of giving characters random names without explanation, and these names are simply accepted by those who hear them, despite the fact that some of them are absolutely absurd. In this issue, it is shown that Michael’s Krombopoulos title is strange even for other continuity characters Rick and Morty, but this time there is a reason behind the strange name.