Rick and Morty’s Ultimate Weapon Proves That Rick’s Genius Has a Huge Exception


As Rick and Morty’s fans know, Rick C-137 (or Rick’s viewers, who are followed throughout the series) is the most Rick Rick of all the Ricks in the multiverse, which should mean that he is the smartest of all his multiverse colleagues. However, one comic about Rick and Morty reveals the perfect weapon developed by one of these other Ricks proves that the genius of the C-137 has a big exception.

After his debut in Rick and Morty, Rick made it clear that he values science above all else. He proves that he is smart enough to use science to answer some of the deepest questions of the cosmos, including those that lie in the field of mystical arts. In the 9th episode of the 1st season of “Rick and Morty” “Something went wrong”, Rick confronts a man named Mr. Needful, who actually turns out to be the devil. The right one opened a shop in the city and distributed cursed items to people, so just to prove his superiority over the devil, Rick uses science to fight Mr. Needful’s magic and gets rid of the curses that Mr. Needful put on these items.

In “Rick and Morty #56” by Kyle Starks and Mark Ellerby, Rick and Morty go to a specialty store run by two of their variants that sell the best technology in the entire multiverse. When they arrive, Rick and Morty are shown the armor created by the Cold War arms race wizard Rick, which combines advanced technology with mythical charms. A few issues later in Rick and Morty #59, this costume, known as Hallaloog, is activated when the villain Peacock Jones “brainwashes” Morty into using Hallaloog to kill Rick. During the fight, it becomes clear that Rick cannot defeat the suit and must un-hypnotize Morty to win.

It’s rare to see a piece of technology that Rick C-137 can’t handle, given his status as the craziest Rick in the multiverse, although in this case it’s not surprising due to the fact that he relies entirely on science. a universe where magic is also possible. The wizard of the Cold War arms race, Rick uses both magic and science in his gadgets; that’s why he is considered the greatest inventor among all the Ricks in the multiverse, despite the fact that he is not the most Rick Rick. Since he doesn’t use magic, Rick is actually holding himself back from his true potential, and the events in issue #59 prove that he needs to embrace both the disciplines of science and magic if he hopes to become the truly unstoppable force in the multiverse that he claims to have been.

Rick came closest to magic in the 4th episode of the 4th season of “Rick and Morty” called “The Claw and the Miser: Morty of a special Riktim”, where he finds himself in the magical realm of dragons and wizards. To survive, Rick uses the mystical energy surrounding him and creates deadly weapons using the magic of this world, although he did it only out of necessity and never practiced mystical art again. However, as fans have learned from these issues of Rick and Morty comics, Rick’s refusal to use magic in his inventions is a huge exception in his genius.


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