Rick and Morty Wins Live-Action Teaser With Christopher Lloyd


Rick and Morty: This Friday morning (03), Rick and Morty fans were taken by surprise. That’s because the official profile of Adult Swim, responsible for distributing the animation, released a live-action teaser of the production.

The video features actor Christopher Lloyd, known for Back to the Future, and Jaeden Lieberhe, from It: A Coisa, playing the two main characters. Check out:

It is still unknown if the video is just a promotional material for the series or if it really is a preview of a possible live-action episode. However, the subtitle of the video “C-132” is a clear reference to a reality of the multiverses presented in the series.

Earlier this year, actor Christopher Lloyd had already expressed his willingness to participate in live-action animation in the future. “I don’t follow the show very often, but I’ve seen some episodes and it’s actually a lot of fun,” he told the Phoenix New Times.

All seasons of Rick and Morty are available on HBO Max. The last episode of season five airs next Sunday (5).


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