Rick and Morty: When Does Season 6 of The Show Premiere?


Rick and Morty: The 5th season of Rick and Morty has come to an end, however, for the happiness of the fans, we can be calm in waiting for new seasons, even if it takes a while for them to be released. The series is known for having a long production schedule and recurring delays. But that shouldn’t happen when it comes to the premiere of season 6 of Rick and Morty.

In 2018, the renewal of the science fiction comedy for another 70 episodes was announced. At the time, the series was in its 3rd season.

If the next seasons follow the same number of episodes, the series will have 10 seasons in all. So, everyone can relax and look forward to Season 6.

In July of last year, Dan Harmon, writer and co-creator of the show, revealed that the writing team had already finished season 5 and were writing a sixth. Harmon also said the entire team is working on three seasons at the same time, which could push the release of upcoming issues a bit.

Another very important information for the fans was given through a tweet by Cody Ziglar, who revealed that the writers of the series finished writing the 7th season in August 2021. In other words, the stories for the 6th season would be ready.

The writers who wrote the 6th season were: Alex Reubens, Heather Campbell, Grace Freud, Albro Lundy IV, Nick Rutherford, Rob Schrab, James Siciliano, Alex Song-Xia and Cody Ziglar, with this strong team, we can count on high adventures it’s too much emotion.

Unfortunately, no more information about part 6 of Rick and Morty has yet been released, nor content such as trailers and images. However, if everything follows the correct schedule, the new episodes should arrive as early as 2022, as everything is already well under way.

Looking forward to new episodes?


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