Rick and Morty: series will get a mystery comic


Rick and Morty will win a mystery and murder comic from Adult Swim and the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group, entitled The Hotel Immortal.

The series is known for its hilarious approach to the science fiction genre, but now, the titleholder is about to take on an entirely new genre.

In a mix between the Detective game and the crazies for which Rick and Morty are known, this one-shot comic promises fans an engaging and funny mystery. For this, a stellar team was recruited to deal with the project, which will be written by Alejandro Arbona, with lettering by Crank !, illustrations by Marc Ellerby and colors by Leonardo Ito.

The murder mystery takes place within the confines of the property, the Hotel Immortal. When Cornvelious Daniels checks in, the deaths start to accumulate and the mystery of who is to blame grows. Rick and Morty are left to settle the case, which, of course, will include the duo’s quirks and antics.

In an interview, the creative team behind this next comic showed his passion for the project, sealing the agreement that this will be a fun read even for the most staunch fans of the franchise, truly respecting the series as a whole.

Arbona said, “I’ve never been so excited to write a comic book, or so terrified. Rick and Morty are very important in my obsession with pop culture, so it’s really intimidating to assume. Marc Ellerby and Leonardo Ito and Crank! stories of Rick and Morty together, so working with them makes me feel safe. If a comic book is going to be funny, it really needs to be funny, especially in the visuals, and when I saw the atmosphere that they’ve created so far, I knew that we would be great together “.

This is not the first appearance of the characters in the comics, although the overall continuity of the comic and how they fit into the universe of the television series can be a bit confusing. Luckily, there is a guide to reading Rick and Morty’s comics for fans who want to venture into the books, but don’t know where to start.

Rick and Morty Presents: The Hotel Immortal is scheduled to be released on July 17th.


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