Rick and Morty: Series Gains New Anime Special; Watch!


Rick and Morty: Recently released, with the direction of Takeshi Sano, the Rick and Morty anime special brought several references to famous characters among the public, such as Voltron and Naruto. Those who follow the Adult Swim animation have noticed that the episodes shown so far are sometimes reminiscent of well-known animes.

While the ongoing Season 5 airing continues on the network — and later on HBO Max — Takeshi Sano’s special features a fun adventure involving Summer, Rick and Morty.

In “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil),” Summer’s new boyfriend isn’t exactly human, leaving Jerry in the lurch and causing Rick to think only of himself, as usual. The intention was to coincide this release with the airing of the 5×7 episode of the series, titled “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion” — in direct reference to the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime.

Adult Swim has already released access to the full special episode through its official YouTube channel. Check it out below, with English subtitles!

Remember that this is not the first time that Rick and Morty has won a special in Japanese with anime traces. Last year, “Samurai & Shogun” and “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” were released, catching viewers’ attention with all the highly creative propositions that popped up on screen.

Rick and Morty: Learn about Season 5 of the animated series

The next episode of Rick and Morty is set to be released on Aug. 8 on Adult Swim, referencing the movie Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind, in the original.

Entitled “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort”, the plot should address some aspect of the film related to memory loss or even the recovery of moments that have disappeared from the mind.

Adult Swim animation is famous for all its pop culture references, as well as endearing characters and truly absurd situations. Season 5, for example, has shocked viewers in recent weeks with a monster made of sperm. What will the creators be up to for the future?

Let’s wait for more news!


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