Rick and Morty: Season 5 Will Bring Spicy Adventures for Jerry and Beth


Rick and Morty promises to bring a change in his plot in season 5, with spicy adventures for Beth and Jerry Smith – parents of the young protagonist. According to an interview with part of the cast on the website Inverse, the animated series aimed at the adult audience will talk about the sexuality of its characters, especially when focusing on the couple’s relationship.

“Lots of sexual adventures. Season 5 for Jerry and Beth will mainly be about their intimate relationship,” said Chris Parnell, actor who voices Jerry. “It’s going to be a fun season for them,” added Sarah Chalke, Beth’s voice actor.

The new batch of episodes is about to hit Adult Swim, and a recently released trailer hints at some situations about what to expect from the arc. It is worth remembering that the troubled relationship of the parents of Rick and Summer was one of the most present issues in the 3rd season and resulted in a temporary separation from them.

However, the couple managed to get back together and showed all their passion in an episode of a line from the multiverse — in the post-apocalyptic dimension C-137. “I think my parents’ sex life should be really engaging, experimental and open. There should be a dungeon, obviously—oh no, this is Rick’s lair. Maybe somewhere else. The attic?” said actress Spencer Grammer (Summer).

Controversial topic in Rick and Morty?

In the series, the theme was already present during the beginning of season 1, at a time when Jerry’s parents went to visit him at Christmas. At that time, there were open conversations about their sexuality involving non-monogamous relationships with another man named Jacob Philip – which led Jerry to freak out after discovering some “personal arrangements.”

Since then, Jerry’s father’s family has not been approached and little is known about what happened to them. However, titles revealed from season 5 indicate that there will probably be episodes centered on holidays, which suggests the possibility of the characters returning in a family reunion with opportunities to bring up the subject.

In this case, the episode “Rickdependence Spray” should show some form of celebration of the US independence holiday; while “Thanksploitation Spektactular” is expected to be about Thanksgiving. “We need to know more about Jerry’s life. His parents showed up once. Where are they? Why aren’t they close? We need more of these holiday [episodes],” commented Grammer.

Season 5 of Rick and Morty will hit Adult Swim on June 20 and will feature 10 episodes, with a weekly release. In Brazil, the animated series is shown by Netflix, but there is still no release date for the new year.


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