Rick and Morty: Season 5 Has Opening Scene Released


Rick and Morty: Next Sunday (21), Rick and Morty fans will finally be able to open up new adventures. The long-awaited 5th season of the series will air its first episode on the occasion, featuring a bizarre plot involving the protagonists.

For this reason, Adult Swim released this Friday (18) an excerpt from the initial scene of the production to make viewers more curious about what’s to come in the animated series. The scene starts with Morty carrying a visibly injured Rick. The two go through several interesting scenes of the pair as they try to reach the spaceship.

Rick even comments that he can visualize their ending, considering that there are many dangers around them both. When they reach the ship and depart for Earth, some things go very wrong and Morty calls Jessica, a girl from his school, to tell her that he admires her immensely.

However, when Jessica responds to the young man’s declaration, he manages to find a way to save his life and that of his grandfather without crashing the ship at some strategic point on the planet. Obviously, this causes new problems for both of them.

Check out the full picture:

Rick and Morty: More information about Season 5 of the animated series

After a season 4 full of angst, Rick and Morty are back to discover new paths among the alternate universes that surround them.

Certainly, the episodes that will be presented from next Sunday (20) should bring some questions about Rick’s character, in view of some past events. However, new villains and interplanetary adventures will occur.

And will Morty finally have a date with Jessica? The girl’s initiative to ask Rick’s grandson out was something quite unexpected for him, who could bring a certain maturity to his conduct. In this sense, expectations are high for the development of this 5th year.

So don’t miss it! The premiere of season 5 of Rick and Morty takes place on June 20th on Adult Swim.


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