Rick and Morty: Producer Suggests Ongoing Script for Seasons 6 & 7


Rick and Morty: In an interview with the Interdimensional RSS podcast, Scott Marder, producer of Rick and Morty, gave more details about future plans for the series and hinted at the possibility of bringing a continuous narrative to seasons 6 and 7, following up on the serialized development featured in the series. Season 5 finale.

Historically, Rick and Morty has not been known for taking narrative truths seriously, and many plots either get lost during episodes or connect through gradually revealed clues without linearity. However, with the shocking ending of the fifth season last Sunday (5), everything points out that the way the series’ mythology is presented may undergo a major upheaval, now bringing continuous content with a tendency to be more in-depth.

Thus, Adult Swin producers suggest that they should value the serialization in traditional format of Rick and Morty’s space adventures, initiating a change of approach that promises to surprise fans and even the writers of the show’s initial seasons. The idea behind this initiative would be to continue the resounding success of episodes 9 and 10 (“Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” and “Rickmurai Jack”, respectively), which adapted, in a twinned model, a dense plot, full of canonical events and with an opening for the exploration of good stories.

“We’re at the end of season 7 now. We’ve really started the show in motion, but that means season 6 is exciting, it’s all in the process. ‘Oh it would be fun to give things a little more continuity, make things look like they’re not so independent,'” said Scott Marder.

“It seems to me that the big conclusion is… I generally think of Season 5 as, ‘fun episodes, but we want to feel that A equals B and they’re all moving, and they relate to each other without just ignoring things from the past.’ It certainly wasn’t our goal right away for season 5.”

What are your expectations for the new season of Rick and Morty? Do you think it would be a good way to follow a more objective script with narrative unity? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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