Rick and Morty joins the Animal Crossing universe


Rick and Morty is one of the most popular adult animated series today. The science fiction-themed animated series broadcast on Adult Swim manages to surprise audiences in every episode.

The Animal Crossing series, on the other hand, exhibits a similar success in the game world. The social simulation game developed by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami supports many platforms, especially iOS, Android and Nintendo devices.

What if we told you that these two universes came together, what would you say to that? A young digital content producer who is a fan of both productions adapts Rick and Morty characters to the Animal Crossing world. The 1 minute 45 seconds long video has been received with interest by the fans of both groups.

Rick and Morty has never been so cute! Here is that video

Attracting attention with his tough adult humor, Rick and Morty surprised everyone with his video game adaptation. This short clip, which has been widely talked about on social media, made the famous duo look childish. The Crossing video, which has already been watched by hundreds of thousands of people, was written and directed by a young artist named kyttenjanae. However, behind the project, nuanced works such as 3D modeling, character animation, sound design, music and storyboard were carried out.

Previously, a similar study was carried out by a Reddit user. The user named Coughcool adapted Rick and Morty’s garage to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons world. This sharing was also met with very positive views on social media and was highly appreciated. Here is that image released last year:

In terms of the Rick and Morty series and the Animal Crossing game, they are two opposite poles. But fan studies like these shared on the internet reveal that these two universes will fit together very nicely. Fans of the series are thrilled to see its famous characters in the game world. However, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will take such a step.

However, whatever happens, it’s clear that these types of work are inspiring. What do you think would be if Rick and Morty were actually a guest on Animal Crossing? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!


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