Rick and Morty Gets Two New Live-Action Teasers; Watch!


This Monday morning (6), Rick and Morty fans were, once again, surprised. After the first video released on Friday (3), Adult Swim released two new teasers of live-action animation. Both feature Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell in the lead roles.

The first teaser, with the caption “C-1.21”, makes reference to the third episode of the third season, Pickle Rick, much loved by fans.

The second clip released shows Rick (Christopher Lloyd) recreating the “100 years” monologue from the end of the first season. In the scene, Morty squirms on the floor with intestinal problems, while Rick promises his grandson that their adventures are just beginning and will last “100 years or forever”. Check out:

For now, it is not known if the videos are part of a promotional campaign for the series or if there will really be a live-action episode.

All seasons of Rick and Morty are available on HBO Max.


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