Rick and Morty: Characters Win Special Halloween Short


Rick and Morty: The craziest duo in the multiverse returns this week with a special Halloween short film. Adult Swim teamed up with the upcoming release of Halloween Kills which resulted in a new short for Rick and Morty.

The new production follows the pattern of the new shorts we’ve been able to watch from the franchise since the beginning of 2020, such as Samurai & Shogun. The action is part of special collaborations between Adult Swim and prominent anime creators and directors.

The short is titled The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara, is about ten minutes long and dubbing in Japanese (with English subtitles). The production immerses the viewer in a new adventure by Rick and his grandson Morty.

After developing the ultimate toaster, the mad scientist realizes that the last piece missing from his project is a very special screw, made only in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, the cradle of Gundam culture. But to achieve their goals, the two heroes will have to face a series of obstacles and face the fantasy vision of a Rick who obviously has not set foot in Japan for a long time.


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