Rick and Morty appear in hilarious PS5 commercial


The PS5 was released on November 12 in some countries, but only now, 19 finally came to entire world. To celebrate the debut of the new video game, Sony made a very unusual advertisement: it brought the duo Rick and Morty to talk about the new features of the ninth generation console. And, as you can imagine, seeing the two of them with a lot of acid humor talking about the PlayStation 5 is something you can’t miss.

In the commercial, Morty should speak of the new features in PS5 while Rick account the money paid by Sony to speak good of the game. But the propaganda “plasticized” we are familiar with is not what happens, as some name calling and questions arise in the video. Check out:

Rick, clumsy as usual, gets involved in what he should do, and talks about adaptive triggers and haptic feedback while standing in front of the device. In the end, he says: “This commercial is boring, the PS5 is very cool”, while Rick replies: “you are right! They are going to play the PS5, they are f ***!”.

The PS5 was released on November 19 in Brazil and many fans already have the console in hand.

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