Rick and Morty: All About Season 5 Premiere



Rick and Morty: The 5th season of Rick and Morty premiered this Sunday (20), by HBO Max, in the United States, and by Warner Channel, in Brazil, with exciting new adventures. As the first scene of the new chapter had already been released, showing Morty carrying an injured Ricky, fans were even more eager to find out what would happen in the new season of the animation. So let’s find out?

All About Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere

The design brought classic themes for those who have followed the trajectory for years: Rick being selfish and Morty ruining everything. With many references to pop culture, the new episode introduced Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s new enemy, with a dinner where everything went wrong!

It all starts with Rick and Morty returning from a mission on another planet, but Rick is seriously injured. So, he decides to call Jessica to calm down and manages to save his friend. However, their spaceship crashes into the sea, Mr. Nimbus’s territory.

Rick invites him to dinner in the hope that the two will reach a peace treaty. The dinner date is the same day as Morty’s date with Jessica, which complicates things between the two. In the midst of it all, Beth and Jerry are having some sexual experiments and want a threesome with Mr. Nimbus. Just for that, you can already see how Season 5 will be, isn’t it?


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