Rick and Morty 5×6: Episode Will Have Theft of The US Constitution (Promo)


Rick and Morty: The 5th season of Rick and Morty is already over halfway (after all, there will be 10 episodes available) and is increasingly drawing the attention of fans for its bizarre creatures and unusual situations. After an episode with references to Hellraiser and Transformers, the next chapter will show the two characters trying to steal the US Constitution.

Rick and Morty 5×6: what will happen in the next episode?

In the 5th episode of the series, Rick’s car became a Changeform and went to space to destroy everything. After trying to trick Jerry into making a deal with the Cenobites, creatures that feed on anxiety, he needs a positive attitude to destroy them and ends up apologizing for the scheme.

In the 6th episode of the season, entitled “Rick and Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular”, the theme will be Thanksgiving. Convinced that there is a treasure map on the back of the US Constitution, the two plan to steal the document, in a reference to the movie Legend of the Lost Treasure.

However, their plans could go down the drain and cause serious problems with government authorities. What can we expect from the episode? Many schemes and adventures!

The episode will air on Adult Swim on July 25th. In Brazil, the 5th season of animation is made available by the HBO Max streaming service.

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