Rick and Morty 5×5: Episode Has Transformers and Hellraiser (Spoilers)


Rick and Morty: Halfway through Rick and Morty’s Season 5, an episode with Transformers, Galactus and Hellraiser confirmed the theory that this is, without a doubt, one of the craziest seasons in animation. The new episodes are always different from each other and, in this way, the 5×5 could not be different.

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Rick and Morty 5×5: what happened in the episode?

In the 5th episode, it seems that Rick and Jerry were going to enjoy some time together in a kind of Boys Night. However, the scientist was just using Jerry to make a deal with the Cenobites, creatures that reference the Hellraiser and feed on despair and pain.

Meanwhile, Beth is tending a horse at the hospital and Morty and Summer team up to try and impress new exchange student Bruce Chutback.

Morty tries to show his Interdimensional Cable to impress him, but Bruce only pays attention to Rick’s ship. So they decide to board, but the vehicle doesn’t work without Rick. So they decide to trick the machine and say that its creator is in danger so that it starts moving.

When they meet Jerry at karaoke, Beth insults the Cenobites and ends up drinking his essence from hell. In a reference to the Transformers movie, the vehicles realize Beth and Morty have lied and begin blackmailing them into relinquishing control. One of the things they want is to kill a Marvel version of Galactus and flirt with the Changeformers. Bizarre enough?

Both Vehicle and Bruce begin to form a friendship and the car decides to keep its secrets. In the midst of it all, Jerry hears the Cenobites making fun of him and Rick’s car decides to transform into a Changeformer. He approaches the others, but the vehicles know he is not one of them and, to “avoid confrontation”, the car sets fire to all the other Changeformers.

Rick decides to kill the Cenobites and apologizes to Jerry for having tricked him. As creatures feed on despair and anxiety, the positive attitude is enough to destroy them once and for all. Rick’s car goes into space and continues to destroy all sorts of things over there.

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