Rick and Morty 5×2: Characters Are Watched From Space



Rick and Morty: The 5th season of Rick and Morty premiered this Sunday (20), on Warner Channel, and has already brought new amazing adventures for our favorite characters. The two needed to be saved by Mr. Nimbus, an enemy, when they got trapped in another dimension and almost got a peace treaty, but were interrupted at the last second.

For those who are already anxious to know what will happen, the news is that Adult Swim has already released the promo for the 2nd episode of the animation. See the full trailer below:

Rick and Morty 5×2: Beth is back!

The teaser released brought an excellent news for fans of the cartoon: the character Beth from Espaço is back! Her return was expected in the very first episode, due to the events of the season finale of season 4. However, the debut episode brought a completely different adventure to Rick and Morty and no mention of the character was made.

However, the next episode, titled “Mortyplicity” should pick up on the previous plot, with Rick cloning his entire family to help them hide from murderers. While this is not a confirmation that the character will, in fact, become fixed in the design, there’s no denying that we’d love to know more about Beth from Space!

The animation follows Rick, an alcoholic scientist who moves in with his daughter’s family. While developing several high-tech projects in the garage, he takes Morty, his 14-year-old grandson, on electrifying (and often dangerous and bizarre) adventures through the Multiverse. As a result, it became one of the generation’s favorite cartoons.

The new episode of Rick and Morty airs next Sunday (29). What do you think will happen? Leave your comment below and share the news on all your social media pages!


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