Rick and Morty: 10 Questions Season 6 Must Answer


That the Rick and Morty animated series is full of weirdness, we all already know. Now, with the conclusion of season 5, all fans are already eagerly awaiting the release of new episodes, especially after the announcement that the next seasons were already being written.

Thinking about the many interesting aspects of production and character development, how about checking out 10 must-see questions that season 6 should answer?

10. Where did President Morty end up?

During the course of Season 5, the audience got to watch a little more about President Morty’s goals, which were finally achieved. In this way, the character managed to eliminate several alternative Ricks and Mortys to overload the Central Finite Curve system.

In the season finale, titled “Rickmurai Jack”, however, he walked through a golden portal, when in fact it should have been a green one. Thus, the question that remains in the air is: where did he go?

9. What happened to the original Rick Morty?

Viewers already know that our Rick originally belongs to Dimension C-137. In that sense, it was evident that Morty never existed in this alternate version. So what would have happened to him, considering all these issues? We hope to see more on the subject during Season 6.

8. Will Summer get a partner?

In an impasse tied to the central characters’ brain waves, Rick keeps Morty close. The same goes for Beth and Jerry. But as far as Summer is concerned, there is no other compatible partner looking at these aspects. Even though the character is extremely intelligent and competent, will she ever have a ruthless partner to call her own?

7. What will happen to Birdperson?

In the episode that referenced the film Eternal Sunshine of a Mind Without Memories, the audience followed more about Rick’s reunion with Birdperson. Even though the grievances were evident, somehow the mad scientist in the series saved his former friend’s life.

However, some discoveries have emerged from this moment, showing that Birdperson now knows the whole truth about his son. Will he ever forgive Rick?

6. Will Space Beth return for a big adventure?

Beth is a very interesting character within the narrative context of Rick and Morty. Even in season 4, viewers got to know Space Beth and were delighted with all the possibilities it could offer in the development of the episodes. In that way, the expectation is that, somehow, she will return in Season 6, showing all of her creative nuances.

5. What are the consequences of breaking the Central Finite Curve?

Season 5’s season finale was decisive in many ways for the plot. Among them, the breaking of the Central Finite Curve through President Morty. This seemingly confusing place was created in the collision of all multiverses by all existing Ricks. From now on, with your break, things can really go downhill, especially because of the trips Rick and Morty take during the next few episodes.

4. Did Rick C-137 really create the Central Finite Curve and the Citadel?

In “Rickmurai Jack”, the public learns more about the origin story of Rick C-137. It all started when he was visited by an alternate version of himself. With his refusal to gain the ability to travel across dimensions, his family was murdered in revenge.

From that point on, Rick C-137 became a psychopath with the support of other Ricks. In that sense, would he have created the Citadel to protect himself from retaliation?

3. Will Rick C-137 be able to achieve his goals?

Given that Rick C-137 continues his quest for revenge against the one who killed his family — and it never appeared in the series — it’s possible that, with the breaking of the Central Finite Curve, season 6 will explore this narrative going forward. . Furthermore, how will this meeting take place, considering all the problematics of the subject?

2. Can a new Ricks Citadel rise?

As early as Season 1, the public discovered the threats against Ricks Citadel, which was being indirectly controlled by future President Morty. In season 3, the Citadel was being reorganized, so that, at the end of the fifth year, everything collapsed in an unexpected way.

Although the breaking of the Central Finite Curve has troubling consequences, it is possible that intelligent Ricks scattered across the multiverse will forge bonding together to rebuild everything that has been destroyed.

1. What’s up with Summer and Morty’s baby incest?

Finally, a very intriguing question presented in the animated series. Even though many fans don’t want to remember the existence of this baby incest, it’s still alive. As seen in “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion”, there are many issues to be explored with him. Will he return during season 6?


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