Richard Rankin explains what stopped Roger and Brianna from returning to the future


The premiere of season 6 of Outlander through the Starz network is getting closer, and as the day arrives, producers, actors and fans continue to debate about what is to come in this new installment and what will be the events that will mark the lives of the Frasers. They have also taken it upon themselves to comment on past episodes in hopes of getting some clues as to what will happen next in the drama. (Season 5 spoilers)

One of the actors who recently spoke about the fate that awaits him in the plot of season 6 is Richard Rankin, the interpreter of Roger McKenzie in Outlander. In his statements, he addressed the history of his character and what his perspective is on the events that took him two centuries back in time with his now wife, Brianna Faser (Sophie Skelton). .

According to Rankin, it has been very difficult for Roger McKenzie to adapt to the times in which he is living. However, he has tried to rise to the occasion and not be paralyzed by obstacles. Perhaps the most important of these inconveniences is the one related to the trip that he and Brianna planned to take towards the future and that, due to various circumstances, did not materialize.

Recall that in Outlander season 5, the time-traveling couple and their son Jemmy tried to get through the stones of Craigh Na Dun but, despite their initial disappearance, they returned to Fraser’s Ridge. In order to travel through time, Roger and Brianna must think deeply about their home, but it seems that one of the two was not very clear about what it was.

Indeed, as Sophie Skelton explains, Brianna Fraser was responsible for that trip not coming to fruition because every time she had to think of home, she imagined Fraser’s Ridge instead of 1960s Boston, the place where they originally belong. This could pose a problem for both of you, because although you have accepted that you must live in the past, you will probably need to go to the future at some other time.


But despite this drawback, what the future holds for Brianna and Roger in Outlander may be far more satisfying than fans think. According to Richard Rankin, in season 6 of the historical fantasy drama, fans are going to see the couple more united and accepting that Fraser’s Ridge is their true home.

Likewise, Rankin assured that the obstacle that was presented to them when trying to return to the future in Outlander, laid a kind of foundation for Roger and Brianna to understand that they can be happy in the past and that they can find their purpose as a family, although The American Revolutionary War looms and promises to wreak major devastation in this riveting story.