Richard Madley Apologizes for Using Incorrect Pronouns in Sam Smith Discussion


Richard Madley apologized to Sam Smith on television for using the wrong pronouns in a conversation about the singer.

Smith used the pronouns they / they are from 2019 after discovering that they are gender neutral. However, in the segment “Good Morning Britain” this morning (January 30) Madley called the “unholy” singer “him and him” [according to the Independent].

Madley and his co-host Suzanne Reed were discussing the singer’s new music video for their song “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” when Madley mistakenly used the wrong pronouns. Referring to an excerpt from the music video, Madley said, “A picture with him, Sam.”

Reed answered quickly: “Remember that Sam Smith uses the pronouns They!” Madley, already referring to Smith with the wrong pronouns again, caught himself and apologized, saying: “They, yes… sorry.”

This happened on the same morning that Smith’s latest work was being discussed on the panel (see tweets below).

Smith recently spoke about his experience of transphobia in the UK, admitting that they face more cases of public violence at home than abroad.

Smith sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe for an exhaustive interview during which they said: “I think the only negatives and difficulties were in my social life and my work. It’s just that the amount of hate and shit [so in the original] that fell in my way was just tiring. And it was really hard.”

However, Smith also spoke to Lowe about the recent positive aspects of their lives, saying, “We actually have two sides: my personal life, and then my public life. And in my personal life there is not a single negative.

“My family can communicate with me; it’s always been that way, but now they communicate with me even better. My personal life has become better because of this — I feel loved, I feel comfortable on my skin, I wear what I want to wear.”

Smith released his fourth album “Gloria” on Friday (January 27) on the Capitol label. He was supported by such singles as “Love Me More”, “Unholy” (featuring Kim Petras) and “Gimme” (featuring Coffey and Jesse Reyes).

In a four-star review, NME’s Nick Levine described “Gloria” as “the most amazing, satisfying and vital work of [Smith’s] career” and stated that the singer “has never sounded better because they’ve never been more themselves.” .


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