RHUGT: Why fans think Dorinda Medley is “desperate” to return to RHONY


Dorinda Medley hosted season 2 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip at her Berkshire home, Blue Stone Manor, and viewers think she desperately wants to return to The Real Housewives of New York. Dorinda first appeared in RHONY in season 7 and became known for her sharp tongue, especially after a few drinks. However, she soon became a cult housewife due to her excessive personality and quoted lifesavers. Dorinda also presented herself to many viewers as a widow and often talked about how much she missed her late husband Richard Medley.

The former RHONY star was often at the center of arguments with other housewives, which contributed to excellent television, but they also chose her as the villain of the show. Many fans thought that Dorinda was unnecessarily rude towards her co-stars in the film, Tinsley Mortimer and Sonya Morgan. Luann de Lesseps was also subjected to Dorinda’s anger several times, especially when she called the Countess a “drunken fool” and mentioned her photo during a heated argument. After a particularly difficult 12th season of RHONY, it was revealed that Dorinda had been fired from the franchise.

In a recent episode of RHUGT, Dorinda mentioned to other women that she is “on hiatus” in her franchise. The other ladies were confused by her choice of words and thought Dorinda was denying her dismissal from the show. A fan of RHUGT LividEnd wrote on Reddit: “Dorinda is obsessed and desperately wants to return to the show! I didn’t realize it before, but I think deep down Dorinda really wants to come back to RHONY and she lacks a camera, that’s why she’s so in control, she wants the season to be perfect and look really good so she can come back to the show.”

Many RHUGT viewers believed that Dorinda wanted to spend the second season at her Berkshire home so that she could create memorable scenes and prove to the network that she belongs to RHONY. Reddit user JayFenty wrote: “Her revelations are too much, and it looks like she considers herself an honorary producer of the cast. It’s great that she accepts everyone, but that shouldn’t give her full control over everything that happens.” Some RHONY fans have noted that Dorinda has only been away for one season, so perhaps her dismissal hasn’t penetrated her yet. Also, it’s clear on RHUGT that Dorinda is trying to stay relevant, so fans keep begging Bravo to bring her back.

Since RHONY is being completely remade and the traditional show is in development, Dorinda may return as a housewife in the near future. Despite the fact that Dorinda may lose control of her character and hit below the belt, viewers agree that it is interesting to watch her. However, viewers believe that Dorinda crossed the line by writing “turkey noodles” to Tinsley, and many believe that it was because of the comments that she was fired. It seems that Dorinda felt nostalgic for being a housewife during the filming of the 2nd season of “Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip”, and hopefully this will not be the last that fans will see her.