RHOSLC: Fans are asking how much the Coaches Knew about Jen’s Illegal Scheme


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jen Shah recently pleaded guilty to electronic communications fraud and money laundering, and fans are wondering how much her husband Sharrif “Coach” Shah knew about her illegal activities. Jen led a luxurious lifestyle in the first season of RHOSLC. She boasted of her “Chalet Shah” and her many assistants, whom she called the “Shah squad.” Many RHOSLC fans wondered what Jen did for a living, and it seemed that her colleagues on the set were also in the dark. The audience knew that Sharrif was a famous college football coach and earned half a million dollars a year.

However, many fans doubted that Coach Shah’s salary could finance Jen’s extravagant lifestyle. During the first season of RHOSLC, Jen gave her co-star Meredith Marks a birthday party, which she claimed cost $80,000. During the episode “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” host Andy Cohen asked if Sharrif knew how much Jen Shah had spent on the party. The RHOSLC star claimed that he didn’t know at the time, but now he knows about the high price. However, Jen boasted: “That’s why you’re working, bitch. You earn money yourself, and a man can’t tell you what to do with it.”

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After her arrest, Jen insisted on her innocence. However, a few days before the trial, she changed her plea. Now RHOSLC fans are asking how much Sharrif was aware of Jen’s telemarketing scheme. Reddit user u/ladybakes wrote: “Last night I remembered that Coach Shah has been a lawyer for 12 years… Dude, you have to wonder what was going on behind closed doors in their house. He should have known what was going on.” Sharrif clearly wasn’t earning enough to fund Jen’s lifestyle. Thundersnow528 wrote: “I’m starting to think that Jen (and the coach, because, hell, yes, he had a rough idea) were fully aware of what they were doing, and unfortunately, deep down they don’t consider it theft or a mistake, but part of acceptable business practices in the US.”

The original Reddit poster recounted how, during the reunion of the second season of RHOSLC, Andy asked Sharrif if he had ever asked Jen how she made a living, and he shrugged. Jen was offended by how rich people of color were often asked about their income. Reddit user ohmeatballhead replied: “Theoretically, I get her annoyed about the microaggression that people can show towards rich POC, but to know that she said that with full awareness that she is stealing is just painful and undermining. And, of course, the Coach knew or had an idea.” Many RHOSLC fans agreed that Sharrif knew a little about Jen’s illegal dealings, as she often spent large sums of money on private jets and designer clothes.

RHOSLC fans have suggested that Sharrif remains married to Jen so he won’t be forced to testify against her. Many believe that as soon as she is sentenced, he will file for divorce. Before the guilty plea, Jen faced up to fifty years in prison. After changing her guilty plea, she can serve a maximum of fourteen years. Jen’s sentencing is scheduled for November 28, 2022, and the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star has a hard road ahead of her.


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