RHOP Graduate Monique Samuels tells the Truth about Ashley Darby, Michael Darby Split: “Hope will never go Away”


I was hoping — but not in shock. The graduate of the series “The Real Housewives of Potomac” Monique Samuels talks about her reaction to the recent breakup of former colleagues Ashley and Michael Darby.

“It wasn’t a surprise to me, because Ashley and I keep in touch. To be honest, I didn’t realize that everything was going this way. I knew she talked about some of the things she was struggling with, but I thought there would be a way they could navigate and get through it.”

The New Jersey native, who, along with her husband Chris Samuels, plays the main role in the latest spin-off of OWN “Love and Marriage”, “Love and Marriage: DC”, still hopes for a possible reconciliation between them, whose drama played out in the popular TV series “Bravo”. “You never know! They can still [get through it]!” adds the reality TV star, who left RHOP in December 2020. “Hope never goes away.”

Last month, 33-year-old Ashley announced that she and her 62-year-old husband, who have two young sons, are divorcing after almost “eight magical years” of marriage.

“We decided to break up. We understand that there will be a lot of speculative opinions as to why we made this decision,” she said then in an interview with Bravo The Daily Dish. “People will quickly decide that the reason was too much intrusion of reality TV into the most personal aspects of our lives, problems of age difference, cultural problems or differences in parenting. Pieces of all this could affect our pure love for each other, but no single reason is the main reason for our common decision to go our separate ways.”

The former couple have experienced their share of ups and downs over the years, including sexual assault allegations against Michael, who was accused of groping an RHOP operator’s ass in September 2018. contact, although the charges were later dropped.)

After all, Monique is talking about an estranged couple: “I know that at the end of the day, Ashley will do whatever is best for her and her beautiful children,” adding, “And I know one thing about Michael, he always seemed to me the type in which he doesn’t want drama, he just wants to be happy—and if filing for a legal separation— that’s what ultimately makes them happy, that’s what they’re going to do.”

She continues: “They don’t care what others say or think when it comes to their marriage. They have made this clear over the years. I just wish them luck.”

The former housewife is also looking forward to her new project on OWN, telling us that she “almost” feels like she’s “back [on reality TV] for the first time because I don’t feel like people have been able to see the full picture since my first retirement [on RHOP].”

She notes that her “original mission was to show what a black family looks like, what a black marriage looks like in a reality show,” but “I do not know if I ever had such an opportunity” – which, in her opinion, will change in the series “Love”. & Marriage: DC.

“It was the perfect solution for me,” Monique says of the show. “We can really demonstrate: “Here is our family, here is our marriage, here we are as entrepreneurs, here we are as parents, and here we are among a wonderful circle of other people who are in the same position as us, and we are all learning and growing from each other.”

Star OWN teases: “You’ll see so many different sides of me [in Love & Marriage: DC] because I feel like I was put in some kind of box when people first saw me on a reality show.”