RHOM: Lisa Hochstein celebrates 40th birthday at Miami Club


The star of the reality show and the TV series “Real Housewives of Miami” Lisa Hochstein spent a fun weekend celebrating her 40th birthday at the Miami E11 megaclub, even despite the divorce. Lisa recently appeared in and out of the courtroom due to her legal divorce from her almost 14-year-old husband Lenny Hochstein. The couple, who now live separately from each other, who have a son Logan, 7, and daughter Elle, 2, sparked rumors of a possible separation in May. This happened after it turned out that Lisa had seen Lenny at a party with her now girlfriend Katarina Mazepa at the Miami Gala nightclub.

In the same month, news reports confirmed that Lenny was planning to divorce Lisa after he revealed that he was dating another woman. A few days later, he filed for divorce. Lenny, 56, also revealed that he no longer wants to stay married to the 40-year-old TV presenter, as he made public his affair with 26-year-old Katarina. Since then, Lenny and Katarina have not been shy about showing off their PDAs. However, while Lenny continues to bask in his new romance, his relationship with Lisa has become strained. Despite this, the couple put aside their differences and teamed up to celebrate Logan’s 7th birthday earlier this month.

Reality TV star Lisa proved once again that even if she is going through difficult times, the situation does not prevent her from having fun. The reality TV star recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and it was a fun day when she partied until Sunday morning with friends at Miami’s E11even megaclub. An insider told Page Six: “Lisa showed up around 2:15 after a fun dinner with her friends.” The source also noted that the RHOM star and mom of two was spotted dancing with a group of friends at a table with lots of bottles of Casamigos tequila, E11even vodka and champagne.

According to the source, Lisa was in a good mood from the moment she appeared until she left. It was reported that Travis Scott performed at the club. However, Lisa did not shoot for RHOM, but was only going to have fun and have fun. The TV presenter was dressed in a mini dress made of mint-colored feathers and complemented her look with a flesh-colored bag and shiny strappy stilettos. Before heading to a nightclub, Lisa and her friends had dinner in Miami, Mila’s stronghold.

Lisa could be forgiven if she decided not to celebrate her 40th birthday amid the divorce from Lenny. Nevertheless, 40 years is an important milestone in life, and the “Real Housewives of Miami” star decided to have fun with her close friends. Lisa’s fans would be happy that she decided to have fun on her big day, and will surely be rooting for her when she moves on to the next stage of her life after a heartbreaking breakup. I hope the reality TV star Lisa has many more holidays ahead of her.


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