RHOM: Katarina accuses Lisa Hochstein of trying to “destroy” her


Katarina Mazepa believes that Lisa Hochstein is trying to “destroy” her for dating Lenny Hochstein amid the divorce of the “Real Housewives of Miami” star. Katarina recently filed a restraining order against Lisa after accusing the reality TV star of cyberbullying. The 26-year-old Austrian model has been hot and hot with Lenny since he filed for divorce in May. Lisa and Lenny are involved in a messy lawsuit, but still share a family home with their two young children.

Lisa claims that she was stunned by Lenny’s filing for divorce, and accused him of dating Katarina when they were still married. Katarina claims that she and Lenny started dating when they were both going through a divorce with their ex-spouses. Lenny posts photos from his travels in Europe to meet Katarina’s family. The couple has a budding romance, while Lenny continues to fight Lisa through legal documents. Lenny recently accused Lisa of using all his credit cards and withdrawing money from his account to finance her lavish lifestyle. Lisa accuses Lenny of trying to put her in “financial danger.”

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All the while, Katarina accuses Lisa of doing even more behind the scenes to “destroy” the young model. “I was the victim of cyberbullying, intimidation and harassment by Lisa Hochstein,” Katarina told Us Weekly magazine. Lenny’s friend called Lisa out for denying her claims and said the Bravo star was lying to portray herself as a victim. But Katarina said she and her legal team “have evidence to back up every statement I made when filing a restraining order.” Katarina filed a restraining order in late July over allegations that Lisa had bullied and harassed her since she started dating Lenny. Katarina accused Lisa of treating her terribly because of her affair with Lenny, and gave the following example: “She told me: ‘Don’t you know who I am?! I have a TV show and I will destroy you.”

Katarina also believes that Lisa made false statements about her immigration status, trying to “intimidate” her from the United States. Katarina said that her green card has a good reputation and she has worked hard to live and support herself in the USA. “I have chosen my home, my man, and I will not allow Lisa Hochstein to bully, intimidate or “destroy” me,” Katarina joked. Her response comes a week after she filed a restraining order against Lisa. Meanwhile, Lisa and Lenny are throwing legal documents at each other during the divorce. Lenny wants Lisa to leave their marital home, and has agreed to pay her to live elsewhere. But Lisa refuses to leave the house they shared during their 12-year marriage.

Lisa recently criticized Lenny in a lawsuit, accusing him of depriving her and their children of money while he travels around Europe with his new girlfriend. The Real Housewives of Miami was filming its fifth season while Lisa’s divorce drama was playing out. Fans will be eager to get an inside look at what led to Lisa and Lenny’s quarrel. In season 4, there were signs that Lenny wanted to end the marriage. But Lisa tried very hard to make her husband happy. In the end, Lenny left for a woman who is much younger than him, and Lisa has to face the reality of her failed marriage. At least she will have the support of the actors and the audience.


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