RHODubai: Why Les Milan is feuding with Caroline Stanbury and Sergio


Lesa Milan’s brewing feud with Caroline Stanbury and her fiance Sergio Jose Carrallo Pendas in The Real Housewives of Dubai turned into an unpleasant Twitter war. Caroline is at war with Lesa and Chanel Ayan because of what started as a small quarrel between Caroline and Chanel. But since Chanel and Lesa were close friends, it didn’t take long for Lesa to step in to protect her friend. Chanel and Leza attended the party hoping to end their feud with Caroline.

At some point Sergio became too friendly to dislike Caroline, and she called her fiance for being too affectionate with his sworn enemies. When Caroline called Lesa and Chanel “one of them,” Lesa was furious. The situation only worsened when Caroline questioned Sergio and asked if he wanted to get closer to Lesa, a married mother of three children. The dirty feud continues to grow as Caroline talks about why she is so reserved about the band. The native of the UK was sent to boarding school all her childhood, and she got used to loneliness. Now that Caroline has become an adult, playing with others is not what she wants to do with the cast of RHODuabi.

When the last episode aired, Caroline found out what Lesa’s husband, Richard Hall, said about Caroline when he found out she was disrespectful to his wife. “Let’s see what he does for a living,” Caroline said in response to a tweet from one fan who joked about Richard “shadowing” Caroline. The RHODuai star sent out a series of tweets that targeted Richard’s claims that he is the number one financier in the UAE. She also posted a clip claiming that Lesa from RHODubai was the one who reached out to grab Sergio’s hand during the party. Sergio was attracted to work for Richard and Lesa’s company, which deals with fashionable clothes for pregnant women. In the end, Lesa clapped her hands and criticized Sergio for allegedly old racist tweets. “Find a job, I would offer it to you, but in order to work for Mina Rowe, you need more than to be a sweet tooth!” joked Lesa.

The Twitter war continued as Leza, Caroline and Sergio traded blows, questioning each other’s wealth and business endeavors. This is a clear reflection of the latest housewives franchise, which emphasizes the luxurious lifestyle of UAE residents. The feud also reflects the spats that occur in each episode. With so many different women from different cultures and with different backgrounds around the world on RHODuai, the dynamics among alpha women leads to constant confrontation. Caroline is the only veteran of the reality show who starred in London’s Lady Bravo a few years ago.

Her chic behavior and desire to do what she wants, and not what others expect from her, only exacerbate the problems that actors have with her. But Leza and Chanel are the only two enemies on Caroline’s firing list so far. What else can you expect if someone does such vulgar obscenities to a married woman? Lesa also noted how Caroline violated the Dubai obscenity law. The Real Housewives of Dubai has a strong cast of women, and none of them is named the most hated. It’s too early for Caroline to have so many enemies.