RHODubai fans react to Chanel Ayan’s dance moves


Lesa Mila threw a dance party on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, and fans reacted to Chanel Ayan’s dance moves. Chanel has already become an icon since she starred in the debut season of RHODubai. The Kenyan supermodel quickly became known for her outspoken personality and excessive fashion statements. Chanel caused drama with her RHODubai co-star Caroline Stanbury when she wore what appeared to be a wedding dress to the engagement of former ladies of London. She made a splash again when she wore a purple dress with a train to a simple Ethiopian lunch with her colleagues on the set.

Chanel has always owned her status as a supermodel, and she has designers who are always ready to create the most original clothes for her. The RHODubai star started modeling at the age of 18, worked with prestigious agencies such as Elite Models, and was featured in Vogue magazine. At the age of 44, she continues to work as a model and launched her cosmetics line AYAN Beauty with makeup artist Tony Malt. Although Chanel initially seemed arrogant on RHODubai, she eventually won over fans with her stories of growing up in a modest family in Ethiopia and defying her cultural expectations to marry her husband Chris.

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In the latest issue of RHODubai, Chanel showed off her moves while dancing at Lesa’s Jamaican-style party. Fans liked her awkward spin, and Reddit user rebeccamor11 reacted: “Chanel Ayan is dancing in the ballroom. This is what I needed in life. Watching her dance was something I didn’t think I would ever experience in my life.” A RHODubai fan replied, “I liked that Lesa compared her to a big bird because we were all thinking the same thing.”

Since the premiere of RHODubai, fans have loved the energy of diva Chanel, which she brought to the show. A Reddit user wrote: “She’s my favorite housewife and I would 100% watch the spin-off.” Another replied, “She’s so funny! She doesn’t care what people think, and I like that.” Some RHODUbai fans admitted that at first they didn’t like Chanel, but after seeing her funny dance moves, they got hooked. One fan wrote: “I didn’t like it when she started, but I fell in love with her. Her dance was the best and most real on the reality show, hahahaha.”

RHODubai has received mixed reviews since its debut. Fans had high hopes for the franchise, but many believe that it did not come true. The actors do not seem to have a cohesive relationship, and constant quarrels deprive the show of pleasure. The off-screen feud seems more interesting to fans than the show itself. Caroline Brooks and Caroline Stanbury seemed to have formed an alliance, and Lesa and Chanel were on the other team. Despite all this feud, Chanel is the only one who has provided comedic relief in The Real Housewives of Dubai, and so far fans can’t get enough of her.


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